Friday, 22 March 2013

Rabia Butt

She has walked for every designer worth his designs on the world and modeled for brands that rock the nation. Having won the prestigious Lux Style Award twice and worked in high profiled music videos and TV commercials, Rabia has been declared one of the most beautiful women working in the industry by the popular media. Having a fashion portfolio enviable by international standards, the voluptuous beauty is now launching her acting career with a celluloid bang. Rabia Butt stars as the mesmerizing Jia in Hijrat whose chance meeting with a stranger serendipity makes the longing of a lifetime for her. Rabia’s latent acting talent has blossomed into acting skills that herald a successful acting career. Her character Jia undergoes a metamorphosis in the film that Rabia has played with an acuteness that has the tooth and claw of a performance drenched with natural ability.