Friday, 22 March 2013

Asad Zaman

He is tall, fair and handsome, an understatement that needs embellishment of a royal couturier. Asad Zaman is not a stranger to acting having won a popular reality TV acting contest with colors that flew to high heaven. A model of high prestige, Asad has walked the ramp for high profiled designers and stared in TV commercials for singularly popular brands. His striking European looks and chiseled features have made him one of the most desirable bachelors in the echelons of the fashion industry’s crème de la crème in the country. Hijrat is Asad’s launch pad into acting approprié. He plays Murad in the film, a carefree young man who finds himself thrown into the world of pain and agony – a refugee camp where he sees the flip side of life and where paradoxically he also finds love. Asad’s acting abilities cross the borders of impressive in leaps and bounds and well into the extraordinary. And that too might turn out to be an understatement in due time.


  1. Finally, a social reality close to our hearts and the expression it deserves...May this get the national and international recognition merited!!!!